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Some good reasons

About Workstop.com Private Office Rooms

We create cheap, private office rooms close to home in your neighborhood!  Our single private office rooms are accessible 24/7 with your own private keypad codes.   We provide 24/7 security cameras.   Clean and fully stocked restrooms.  Electricity/Internet/Microwaves/Clean Restrooms are included.   We even provide a desk and chair for you to start.  

No Lease.  Monthly rental rates.  Cancel anytime (we will just prorate rent, easy!!). 

Is your home office not looking so good?

Working from home sounds awesome, but as reality sets in, it is not so awesome.  Too many distractions with the spouse, the kids, the pets, and everything else in the house!!

Scared of signing an office lease?

We understand it is intimidating to sign a lease and be obligated to pay rent for 1 year or longer.  Also, having to go through the whole process of application, background check and all of that.

Workstop.com is here to make it easy!  Cancel anytime!!! Feel better now??

Close to home

Even if you can sign a lease for your own office space, you still most likely have to commute 20 plus minutes.   Workstop.com finds locations close to neighborhoods so your commute is less than 10 minutes.   Close to home, but far enough away from the kids and your significant other!!  But of course, we still love them!

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